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Children's Rides

Cup & Saucer Ride

A traditional spin out ride for all of the family or the very young

Minimum height to ride is 80cm but we recommend that the young should ride with the mum or dad.

The main centre or tea pot, of the ride, spins slowly and the cups are left up to the patrons to indulge in further spin out action.


  • 1 single power point is all that is required
  • Space requirements are 8.5m diameter

4 Person Bungee Trampoline

Fun for all ages up to 55kgs (maximum weight permitted for individual). We have harnesses for the very small (close to 4 years of age- size depending). Energy is required for this attraction as you soar to great heights.


  • 1 power point is all that we require for this attraction
  • Space requirements are 11m by 11m and of course No overhead restrictions

Water Balls

  • Capacity: 6 balls at any one time, (maximum capacity) 1 person per ball
  • Power: Not required, but water supply and disposal conditions are applicable
  • Site Measurements: 10 metres in diameter
  • Restrictions: Suggested time inside ball is limited to 3minutes generally

    Suggested Age range: 5-13 Years


Like the name suggests, patrons are spun around on the outer platforms, whilst the main centre platform spins as well! The ride also has the ability to go backwards as well as forwards – similar in action to other rides such as the Cha Cha.

This attraction has been popular particular at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
The ride is unique and is small enough to fit into most school grounds. Get ready to twist with our Twister!

  • Capacity: up to 24 persons / all age amusement
  • Power Site: 32 amp 3 phase power
  • Measurements: required 12m in diameter
  • Minimum height to ride alone: 94cms

Pirate Ship

Pirate Boat rocks back and forth, just like the rolling seas.

  • Capacity: 12 adults or 14 children
  • Height Restrictions: 80cms to ride alone
  • Power Site: One single phase power outlet
  • Measurements: 8 meters x 4.5 meters

Tilt Train

This is the Tilt Train that rocks back and forth, this is “sideways” as it rumbles its way around the track. The train is very unique and can ride an adult. The size and shape of the track is flexible and additional carriages can be added for large events. It has lights for night events that blink and flash.

  • Power Site: 1 or 2 power points
  • Measurements: Varies depending on setup
  • Minimum height to ride alone: 90cms

Chair O Plane

  • Capacity 10
  • Max Age: 13 Years
  • Minimum height to ride alone: 90cms
  • Space Required: 12m Diameter
  • Power Site: 1x Power Outlet