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Family Rides

Pavier Ferris Wheel

Australia’s highest one trailer Ferris Wheel – 29metres of aerial viewing. European flair for the design of the cabins and USA built. This is the only one of its kind in the world.

Capacity is 4 adults or 2 adults and 5 children (under the age of 12).

14 cabins – Some cabins have glass floors to allow a full view from the side and below.

Over 4000 LED lights make this a great spectacular amusement.

  • 32 amps three phase power requirements
  • 16m by 30m footprint required.

Dodgem Cars

Our special Dodgem track caters for adults as well as children. This is a modern, fold-up trailerised device which is quite unique in this country.

14 recent-model Italian cars give a capacity of 28 people at one time. The ride has disco and flashing lights for night time operation and a stereo public address system is included with the ride.

Crazy drivers are wanted for this ride!


  • Capacity: Up to 28 persons | All age amusement
  • Power: 3 phase power required
  • Site Measurements: 18mx 15m

The Clown Factory

This is a very unique device and has the ability to ride adults as well as children with a capacity of 40. A variety of sensations are experienced such as a revolving barrel, ‘Amazon Walkway’, mirror mazes, spiral staircase, punching bags and the highlight of the device is the ‘Marble Madness’ where the children and adults negotiate a ‘ball pit’ filled with 10,000 colourful balls.

To leave this ride the patron ultimately descends a two-storey spiral slide. This is an excellent family-style ride.


  • Capacity: Up to 40 persons | all age amusement
  • Power: 3 phase power required
  • Site Measurements: 17m x 8m – 12m High


This spin out ride is a family favorite. The person on the outside of the car will love the action as the person sitting next to them is pushed against them on every turn. Also known as the Cha Cha and Whizzer, this ride is a heap of family fun. Good for big crowds as the capacity of the ride is very big.


  • Capacity: 36 Children or 24 Adults
  • Power: Requires a generator
  • Site Measurements: 20m in diameter
  • Minimum height to ride: 106cm

Chair Jet

  • Capacity: 24 adults or children
  • Power Site: 3 phase
  • Measurements: 18 metres in diameter
  • Height Restrictions: Minimum height to ride 120cm 


This is one of our newest rides. 10 swing out chairs that allow the breeze through the hair. Again great for the adults as well as the kids.

  • Power Site: 1 x power outlet
  • Measurements: 12 m diameter
  • Minimum height to ride: 90cm

Surf's Up

This ride is speed variable, by that we mean the operator can make the ride go slow or very fast. The ride can be super fast doing a staggering 18 rpm, that is a cycle every 3 seconds or very slow depending on the age of the riders. We can also offer a slow and fast ride queue so it is suitable for everyone!
This is a must have at every event!

  • Capacity: Up to 12 persons / 4 years to adults
  • Power Site: Large generator required
  • Measurements: 13 m frontage x 5 m deep
  • Minimum height to ride: 106cms

    *Please note: Workcover has imposed that a child under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult for supervisory/safety purposes on this amusement.


Ride rotates clockwise, allowing the cars to gently float outwards. The patron, using the steering wheel mounted in the centre of the car, can then spin the car to their own thrilling needs.

  • Capacity: 24 children or 2 adults or one adult and 2 children per car
  • Power Site: One single phase power outlet
  • Measurements: 12.5 metres diameter
    Height Restrictions: 80cm to ride alone.

Giant Slide

Three huge lanes of slip, sliding fun. Patrons sit on a mat and slide 30 metres. Suitable for all age groups. The slide stands 10 metres high and has a great capacity.

An extremely good amusement ride that the whole family can enjoy. No power is required so it suits all events. Please note this is not a wet slide.

  • Capacity: All age amusement / Unlimited
  • Power Site: No power required
  • Measurements: 33 m x 4 m x 10 m in height
  • A small child is to be accompanied by an adult